A charming Bed & Breakfast in the historical center of the village

Charm and hospitality are the principal characteristic of Dimora Casa Eugenia at Loro Ciuffenna.

With its characteristic stone houses built overhanging the gorges of the Ciuffenna River, this village has preserved many of the ancient aspects of the Castleof Conti Guidi. The historical centeris worthy of a visit, where one may admire the crafty interweaving of cobblestones in alleys and narrow streets, often surmounted by bridges built from one house to another.

Dimora Casa Eugenia is located in the old quarter called “Fondaccio” more precisely, in the lower part of Castrum Lauri, where aside from houses are shops and laboratories of the craftsmen and tradesmen. It was the economic heart of the Castle that pulsated around the small town square.

Dimora Casa Eugenia

The first found items of the residence dates back to the 1300s. The same frescoes in the living room and some photos found during the various stages of restoration, are a further confirmation of its historical identity.

Once, the current residence was used as theCustoms House, where the pilgrims paid duties to enter in the village of Loro Ciuffenna.

In a later era, it became the property of the Nannini family, hereinafter inspired by the name of the square where Dimora Casa Eugenia resides.

Today, the family Bianchi, after careful maintenance, brought back to life this beautiful house while preserving the atmosphere of a luxurious private home. In fact, today Dimora Casa Eugenia at Loro Ciuffennais a charming Bed and Breakfast of great beauty, with an elegant frescoed hall and a cozy breakfast room.